“International Journal of Veterinary Science” (IJVS) is an online international peer reviewed open accessed journal which publishes original research papers. Its scope is broad and international, covering a wide range of research areas including anatomy, biochemistry, biotechnology, clinical medicine, and surgery, theriogenology, physiology, pharmacology, toxicology/toxicopathology (rats, birds, fish, or animals), pathology, microbiology and immunology, parasitology, epidemiology, breeding and genetic, feed and nutrition, wildlife, zoology, animal products and their processing. Original research papers, review articles, extension articles, clinical articles and short communications on the production and diseases of animals, including studies in comparative medicine are published in this journal. Manuscripts digging out the possible molecular mechanism of the disease etiology/providing pathogenesis of any toxicological event in natural or experimental conditions will be dealt on priority in review/publication. Only those manuscripts are considered for publication whose contents have not been published and are not being considered for publication in any other journal.

The manuscript should be prepared according to the format of International Journal of Veterinary Science (IJVS). After receiving of you article, you will get acknowledgement reply from the editor.

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The Agrobiological Records (ABRs) is quarterly Journal (January-March; April-June; July-September; October-December) published by the Unique Scientific Publishers. This journal publishes original research papers, reviews, clinical articles/case reports and short communications in the area of agriculture, veterinary, animal sciences and allied disciplines. The ABRs publishes the articles/manuscripts those contribute significantly to the knowledge in the field of agrobiological sciences. Preference is given to the original articles that develop new concepts or experimental approaches and are not merely repositories of scientific data. 


“International Journal of Agriculture and Biosciences” (IJAB) is an online and printable international peer reviewed open access journal. IJAB publishes high-quality original scientific papers, short communications, correspondence and case studies. Review articles of current interest and high standard may be considered.

The scope of the journal is broad and encompassing, covering a range of research areas including, but not limited to all aspects of agriculture (via; animal science and technology, agricultural economics, extension and rural sociology, crop science and horticultural practices, food science and technology, home economics, fisheries and aquaculture, soil science and land management, forestry and wildlife management, among others), biological sciences (via; biochemistry, parasitology, microbiology and brewery science, botany, zoology, cytogenetics, plant and animal breeding & genetics, etc), Only those manuscripts the contents of which have not been published and are not being considered for publication in any other journal are considered for publication.