Unique Scientific Publishers welcomes new book proposals

Whether you’re looking to turn your PhD thesis into a book, have an idea for an undergraduate textbook, a teaching resource, a handbook, a scholarly reference book, or are writing a book for a professional audience, we would love to hear from you.

What to consider before submitting your book proposal

To give you an idea of what USP are looking for, here are a few questions to think about before getting in touch:

  • Does your book idea have a unique selling point – an angle on the topic that is new, interesting, innovative and/or compelling?
  • Is there a clear demand for your book from an academic or professional audience and what is it about your book idea that specific readers might want and/or need to read?
  • Is thescopeof your books concept broad enough to be of interest to readers on a global scale?
  • What makes you the best person to write this book? What is it about your experience, research and background which makes you an expert?

If you think your book idea can answer these questions successfully and you have some recent publishing experience, please contact us as early as possible.

What a book proposal consists of

In principle, a book proposal is a document which provides an initial overview of a book or open access book project in advance of completing a book manuscript. For a detailed overview of what you will be expected to provide, please read our book proposal guidelines.

What happens after you submit your book proposal

Your proposal will initially be read by Editor(s) to assess the suitability of your book for their publishing program (or ‘list). Subject to your Editor’s approval, your proposal will then undergo an external peer review process in which experts are engaged to provide feedback on the quality and scope of your work, before your work is submitted to the Publishing Committee/Editorial Board for final approval. If your book proposal is approved, you will then be offered a publishing contract.