The Unique Scientific Publishers books publishing process consists of 10 key stages. Learn about the basic steps to our publishing process for transforming an idea to an authoritative book for academic study or professional development.

1.   Submit Proposal

If you have not yet been in contact with USP about your book, please get in touch with us. Our Editors will likely provide you with a specific proposal form suitable for your subject area and book idea.

2.   Internal Editorial Assessment

The Editor will assess the strengths of your proposal and how well it fits with the subject list.

3.   Initial peer review

When the Editor is prepared to proceed, your book proposal will be sent out for initial peer review (3-4 weeks). The Editor will assess the strengths of your proposal and how well it fits with the subject list. If approved, the proposal will proposal will move to the next stage.

4.   Discuss Reviews

Discuss the reviewer feedback with your Editor, making revisions and resubmitting the proposal if necessary.

5.   Editorial Board Meeting

The internal Editorial Board makes the final decision on approving the book for publication, making recommendations for changes if appropriate, and determining contract terms.

6.   Sign Contract

Key parts of the contract include length, royalties, copyright, and the delivery date. Open access contracts are available and all of our standard contracts allow for Alt Text, and open access conversion at a later date if required.

7.   Writing Phase

May include peer reviews or work with a Development Editor. At this stage, your Editor will send you detailed guidelines on formatting, image specs, permissions etc. Talk to your Editor about content issues.

8.   Manuscript Delivery

Submit your final manuscript, working with an Editorial Assistant on formatting and permissions queries and payment of any open access book publishing charge.

9.   Production

Production Editor assigned. Copyediting and typesetting, proofreading and indexing, collating and correction, and cover finalized. Production usually takes 4-5 months.

10.   Book Publishes

Our sales and marketing team works with retailers, universities and other aggregators to ensure your book is promoted and sold to the appropriate target audience.